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Yemen used to be a beautiful destination for travel and tourism. The hospitality school there was leading in Africa just a few years ago. But today, politics is creating a different environment for tourism.

Aaron David Miller, Vice President of New Initiatives and Middle East Program Director at The Wilson Center in Washington, DC, shared his thoughts on the current state in Yemen:

“Senate resolution on Yemen right now is more heat than fire. And is unlikely to have much more than a symbolic impact. Nor is it clear what military assistance the US would be prohibited from providing even if it passed the House and could override a Trump veto.

“The US has already stopped refueling Saudi flying attack runs. Still, the Senate, particularly Senate Republicans, have sent a powerful message to Trump – rebuking the President; his policy of giving MBS the benefit of the doubt; and by passing a separate non-binding resolution holding MBS responsible for Khashoggi’s death — putting the Senate on record blasting MBS.

“The Senate resolution also reflects a significant assertion of Congressional authority on war powers, and it may well set the stage for additional action next year.”

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